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 03/10/05   11:59:54

Adrian, I just finished listening to Backtalk - I like it. I also like the definition running across the covers. We really enjoyed hearing you play at the family reunion this year. Keep it up.


Nicole AKA \\\"Bad Black Girl\\\"
 08/09/05   11:13:53

I am sooooo proud of Yawl! All growd up and doin\' the damn thang!!!! I remember practicing in Adrian\'s basement, singing with you guys in Philly! Yeah, I go waaaay back! Thanks for allowing me to be a part of that. I felt like a lil soopastar on that stage. Keep of the great work!
Holla at a Sista! I wanna sing again...

Neo Soul Artist *Pru*
 26/07/05   03:47:40

I just dropped by to say Hi and keep on making good Music. Pru Renfro

 20/06/05   07:14:19

Congrats on winning the amateur portion of the Cap. Jazz Fest this year. Most of my band members went to see you, but I couldn\'t make it. I did pick up Backtalk yesterday...the CD is off the hook....gotta get expressions next. Thanks for the local inspiration...the group is hot. Continued success.


150 East
Jazz In The Spirit

 17/06/05   07:37:42

Congratulations on winning the competition at the Capital Jazz Fest. I wish I could have been there to see you perform, but I look forward to seeing you at the National Capital Barbecue Battle.

Reggie Anderson
 16/06/05   10:23:58

Dude, Options was cool, but Backtalk is like that. Man, Adrian, big ups!!!, Me & my band look up to y\'all. Good job. Keep the hits comin\'.

 12/06/05   06:02:47

saw you at capital jazz fest. OUTSTANDING!!! bought both CDs. You guys are excellent in the Crusaders\' tradition, as I see it. It was great meeting you before you become too famous. Keep it up.

Richard Garlic Jr
 03/06/05   11:03:25

Hey fellas I heard you cats on Wpfw with Cleveland
I went to the site and sampled the CD and man it was
some serious work . I will be gettin it ASAP..
I\'m a guitar player I live in Centreville I\'m trying
to network so I can get in a group mostly Jazz/Fusion
thing been playin for 15 yrs I\'m 34 yrs old got any
words of widsom ?

 02/06/05   10:49:21

hello steve
this is hayward in mamassas
people still ask about the band.
and i want to get the word out about the cd
good luck saturday

TyLeishia Douglass
 12/04/05   07:31:05

Hi Steve, hi guys thank you all for autographing my CD. You guys were great. Steve as promised I am writing so that I can be added to your mailing address to see when and where you guys will play. Thanks for being so cool :-) Steve it was my first time seeing a real live jazz band and I love it so much! You were a mazed at that but it\'s true. I hope to hear from you all really soon and please keep up the cool tones of that sweet sounding music. My prayer is that you all would be the greatest recipeints of Blessings that God has to give. Give a sista a shout out and I will see you guys hopefuly real soon!

TyLeishia Douglass

Pamela\\\'s Place
 28/12/04   08:34:19

Hello Steve,
How are you? Happy Holidays! My name is Pamela Black and I am the host for Sunday morning Smooth Jazz at K U N V Jazz 91.5 & Pamela’s Place. I am on every Sunday morning from 8am to 12pm with about 9,000 listeners in that time frame. Darrell spoke with you briefly about adding Phase II to the rotation on my show and I wanted to let you know the CD is off the hook!!! Darrell was a sweetheart and let me listen to it (he’s very serious about his music & always selects insatiable artist), I am the same way which is why he is my CO-Host for Pamela’s Place. I loved it so much that I have three tracks in the rotation for this Sunday, however, what I would like to do is feature Phase II the following Sunday. Maybe feature both of your CD…is there more? (smile) Every now and then, when I find an artist or group that has more than one or two awesome tracks, I like to feature them and introduce the group to my listeners. I tried to print out your bio from the web, but it would not allow me to copy and paste. Would you send me a full copy of your bio with a press kit? It’s important that when I feature an artist/group, I have all the correct information. Even though Darrell is a “GEM” and he is very gracious about loaning his music to me, it would be great to have a copy from the MASTERS! I am still going to play the tracks I selected this week and put together a great show the following week. (Jan 9th)

My P O Box is 271335 Las Vegas, NV 89127. Please feel free to call me at the station on Sunday 702-798-8797 and my email address is Home email address. This one is my work address. ( )

Well, I hope to hear from you soon. Take care and have a great New Year!!

Be safe too!

james jenkins
 13/12/04   04:48:25

hi/heard you on 13 sunday/ i have your other cd/ how can i get the new one in baltimore/thanks

Oliver Frazier
 12/12/04   11:29:51

Good sounds, I heard you on WJZ-13 this morning. How would I obtain, a copy of you MUSIC?

K Vu
 12/12/04   10:38:37

I was very impressed with your performance on channel 13 this Sunday morning. I live in northern would I go about purchasing your CD? Thanks for your help & I\'ll definately pass the word & sound on about your wonderful music!

 12/12/04   05:40:43


Darrell Mc Alister
 02/12/04   06:08:53

Hey Guys,

The new CD sounds tight, where can I get a copy. I am a volunteer DJ at the University her in Las Vegas and I would like to share your music with my listener. I currently have Options.

Holla Back

Dj Jealousy
 24/10/04   09:17:05

Fella\'s this is Dj Jealousy, i have a modestly popular independent radio show on on Thursday nights from 12am-2am entitled \"UNCHARTED\"...i know you guys are familiar with the station because we play a lot of your music already..
However, my shows focus is solely on the independent artist and musician, i play some of your music, but im interested in getting all of your music that you have published, so that i can get a strong rotation of the band during my shows production, and maybe even put in rotation some \"LIVE\" unreleased performances by you guys, if available...I really like what you cats are bringing to the table musically...keep rockin!!!!!!
also...i grew up with one of your group members...

Kevin Sykes...he always pretended to play the drums when we were all kids, we all laughed at him and told him he wasnt gonna \"be no drummer\" have not seen Kevin in years, and i didnt know he was in a band until i saw you guys press photo at the radio station..
I guess he made a liar out of all of us!!!! him i said \"whats up\" and yall keep doin your thing...and get me that music, so i can try my best to blow it up even more...youre already there, so my little bit of help can only add more fuel to the fire!!!!!!!!

Tony From DAF Entertainment
 02/09/04   21:31:38

Phaze II !!!

Just want to give you guys a shout and tell you how much we at DAF Entertainment Group enjoy not only your Music but your Friendship. The new CD is great !!

We look forward to hearing you play for many years to come.

Hava good 1..


Wayne D.
 30/08/04   07:38:43

Hey Phaze 2,

I just wanted to take a moment out to tell you guys that I\'m really feeling the new CD! It was a pleasure sitting in with you all over the weekend. It kind of brought back some of the old feelings of \"Citilites\".

Keep doing what you guys are doing and remember that it\'s easy to give up, but the musical blessing will come with faith, love and dedication. Peace & Love,

Wayne D.

Big Will Lane
 21/07/04   15:01:38

Cool site.Egg keep that bottom tight, proud of you guys I\'m listening Ron, I here you! Big Will

Aunt Dot
 07/07/04   21:51:56

Hi Dave I just wanted to give you a shout. Dell let me here a little over the phone. Can\'t wait to purchase a copy.

Blessing upon you and the group
Aunt Dorsette

Edward O. Bryant Jr., M.D.
 07/07/04   20:22:22

Hey Dave, it\'s your brother Dell. The new CD is great. I\'m loving it. You and the fellas have done it again. I definetly see and hear the growth and new depth of your sound. Your blending of R&B and Jazz elements is quite refreshing. I highly recommend adding this CD to anyone\'s personal collection. I\'m very proud of you David. I knew you had it in you all along. You deserve it. God has truly blessed you. Press on my brother and let your footsteps be guided by \" Our Heavenly Father \" . PEACE...

 28/06/04   18:32:37

it would be nice to have a printable schedule. Wish you all the Best, Reach for that Bass Ring. You\'re CD Release was on the ONE.
Peace, Fish

23/06/04   12:59:24

S\'up, cats?! Y\'all keep doin\' the d*mn thing! U\'re makin\' some o\' the best ORIGINAL music to come up outta\' DC in a long time. Peace! @(~~~:::

Mona Jackson
10/05/04   19:57:36

Hey Fellas, I am so proud of you all and you know I am looking foward to the new CD release party and the new sounds. God is definitely blessing you all.....You Go Fellas!!! My Favorite Guys!!! Congratulations!!!
Love Always, Mona Jackson

rob \\\"doc\\\" holliday
16/04/04   11:11:48

Glad to hear you guys are finally putting out another album. I\'ve been waiting a long time for it. See ya at Takoma!

Sha-nniece James
14/04/04   13:55:47

Nice website! You guys sound really good. I would love to see you live this spring and summer season.

18/02/04   12:08:58

Just want you guys to know, that you have a great sound and keep up the good work. Just remember, giving back to the community that supports you, is your greatest gift, even more than music. I look forward to enjoying your sound this weekend and to hopefully working with Phaze II in the future.